Experience, Dedication
And A True Passion
For Gambling

With over 20 years of experience in the Igaming industry, Gaming and Gambling knows the gambling world inside out.

Led by entrepreneur Marco de la Rie (founder of the Vegassoft and Gaming and Gambling gambling platform, developer of Your Gift Card and founder of Tikkies payment app), the passionate team has surrounded itself with strategic industry partners. Together they form a solid foundation.

We’ve created a scalable all-in-one igaming platform backed by exclusive partners, unique components and top-notch software. Easy to roll out across countries, with a possible exit strategy in mind.

The power of Gaming and Gambling lies in the joined forces: a high-tech open source platform, a fully integrated back office and affiliate system, exclusive partnerships, smart marketing tools and unique components. Together they form a powerful whole that is always one step ahead of the competition.

Focusing on localization, personalization and customization, GamingandGambling.com is ready for launch!

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Next-Gen Gambling Software

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Gaming and Gambling is more than just gambling. The platform has versatility and scalability embedded in its DNA.

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It is designed to support an entire ecosystem, ranging from regular gamblers to high rollers, through white-label customers and conventional betting offices, to outside developers and affiliate companies.