Competitive Edge

Gaming and Gambling does not intend to be the first and only gambling platform in the world, but we will deliver a range of benefits and features that really set us apart from the competition.

This includes unique innovations such as our Social Gaming Platform Yumoo or the ability to bet on local eventsĀ  (localization).

Below you will find the main competitive advantages of our Igaming platform and the reason why both partners and players choose Gaming and Gambling:

Combined Forces

The power of Gaming and Gambling lies in the joined forces: a high-tech and flexible platform, a fully integrated back office and affiliate system, exclusive partnerships, smart marketing tools and unique components. Together they form a powerful whole with which we are always one step ahead of the competition.


By using open source software we can switch quickly and easily. This concerns the entire gambling platform including components. Moreover, with this approach we are very flexible when it comes to integrating new and existing software.

Working Product

Gaming and Gambling distinguishes itself by offering a fully working Igaming platform. Moreover, by combining existing and new technologies, we ensure that risks are spread and that we as a company can always continue to innovate.

Experienced Team

GamingandGambling has been founded by pioneers in the online gambling industry. They started their first online casino in the year 1997! An experienced group that knows the business by heart. Over the years, the management team has surrounded themselfs with highly skilled industry players. Together they form a powerful team

Backed By The Industry

In a competitive industry like the gaming and gambling market, it's all about having the right connections, experience and quality content. Gaming and Gambling is proud of its exclusive partnerships with: Igaming platform vendors, hosting providers, industry partners, licensing partners, payment providers, software vendors and marketing partners.

Gamification Elements

Users can compete with friends through leader boards or form "alliances" for group-based bets and matches. Achievements are rewarded with badges. Friendly competitions will challenge users to participate often, while retaining their interest.


Everything is kept as simple and intuitive as possible: there are no complicated operating instructions or conditions. The interface is designed so that everyone can understand it.

Local Events (Localization)

Do you want to start an office pool for your favorite local sports teams? We offer our partners the possibility of localization: on-demand gambling services aimed at the local market.

Customizable Content (Customization)

The websites and different games are designed for a local audience and each individual player has the opportunity to create their own unique site that suits their requirements and wishes.

Future Proof Solution

Built for maximum versatility and scalability, Gaming and Gambling will develop software that goes far beyond traditional casino games (eg eSports, fantasy sports, live casino). The open source, developer-friendly model will accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.