Complete Solution

The development of the Gaming and Gambling ecosystem is crucial to fulfill our vision. The platform is therefore designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of parties.

Below are some examples of common use cases:

Casual Players

A safe and engaging experience makes betting accessible to a whole new audience: non-gamblers intimidated by the complexity and lack of confidence of conventional solutions. From office pools on local teams to social games, everything is completely safe and intuitive.

High Rollers

Not many conventional solutions can risk accepting big bets, causing high rollers to move to illegal operators. Gaming and Gambling's open source platform, which includes various risk management and monitoring tools, allows betting for high rollers.

White Label Customers

Businesses and gambling operators can set up their gambling platform in no time by licensing renewed versions of our technology. Our modular technology architecture allows us to offer turnkey solutions and additional services at low custom costs.

Conventional Betting Agencies

Gaming and Gambling is ideally positioned to solve the main problems of traditional operators. Switching to our solution delivers lower costs (servers, staff), better security, instant payouts and new revenue streams.

Game And App Developers

Gaming and Gambling will integrate selected games and apps from third-party developers. Players will enjoy more content, while developers take advantage of global audiences and associated commissions through our platform.


Gaming and Gambling will encourage the acquisition of players by renowned partners through a generous commission. Our integrated affiliate system ensures direct and transparent payments.