Trends In The Gambling Industry

Geographically, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) dominated the online Igaming market, accounting for a total market share of over 60% in 2020.

Some important consumer trends in the online Igaming industry are:

Female Players On The Rise

More women are now participating in Igaming activities than ever before. However, there are still more men than women who play online.


Interesting to note that women play longer but place smaller bets, use gambling to relax and enjoy themselves instead of having a strategy or playing to win big amounts.


The youngest demographic group of players most often uses mobile phones and tablets to gamble when away from home. The 25-34 demographic group plays the most at online and mobile casinos of all players.

Creation And Involvement

Consumers expect a game to be more than just a cool experience; they want to be involved, create content themselves and share it with their friends and the world as a whole.


Fantasy Sports and eSports give enthusiasts new opportunities to get involved and express their enthusiasm for their favorite brands and players.


Gamers are gaining more say in game development, and influential slot developers are joining forces to act as game providers.

Consumers Entertain Consumers

Interactive forms of Igaming are rapidly gaining popularity. With in-game chat features, interactive slot tournaments, live dealer interactions and other new features, more and more players and providers are discovering the fun (and value) of multi-channel Igaming.


In the near future, consumers will compete and prices will be (partly) based on skills and experience.

Players Love eSports

While eSports currently represents less than 5 percent of the total gaming market, a study conducted by Deloitte shows that professional gaming events are gaining popularity.


Among gamers, 40 percent watch or attend eSports events and games at least once a week. And 25 percent of these gamers spend more than four hours a week on this.