Award Winning Features

Gaming and Gambling’s open source Igaming platform is safe, transparent, demonstrably fair and easy to use. We provide a range of innovative features and benefits, including:

Social Gaming

Strong support for social elements: we playfully introduce customers to skillgames and games of chance - with friends and family.


Focused on simplicity to bring in casual gamblers, but with advanced functionality for top players and high rollers.

Affiliate Integration

Designed to provide viral uptake (minimizing player purchase costs), well beyond standard refer-a-friend programs.


Powerful gamification elements, aimed at higher player retention and involvement.

Privacy Protection

Privacy respect with planned support for self-sovereign ID integration.

Artificial Intelligence

Ready for AI-powered robotization to improve the user experience and profitability of the platform.

Fully Responsive

Multi-channel experience: Web, iOS, Android plus other platforms as market relevant.

Future Proof

Future-proof and ready to bring next-generation Igaming content.

Open Source

Designed for rapid acceptance of ecosystems: open source, third party integration.

Turnkey Solutions

Built as modular technology components, we are able to offer turnkey white label solutions with low customization costs.